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                                      General Regulation

The 9th International Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong

Congress stadium of MATOSINHOS

1.       Objectives

The meet is hold to promote spread of Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong, to enhance people’s mental and physical health, to strengthen international communication and to promote the friendship of different countries.

2.       Host: BSU-Beijing Sports University, China

Co-host: SHE-SI Association Porto, Portugal

3.       Date: 28th to 30th November, 2008

4.       Site: Congress and sports center of Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal

5.       Competition Itemstotally nine items

(1)Shu Xin Ping Xue Gong(exercise for cardiovascular troubles)

(2)Yi Qi Yang Fei Gong (exercise for respiratory system troubles)

(3)He Wei Jian Pi Gong (exercise for digestive system troubles)

(4)Shu Jin Zhuang Gu Gong (exercise for locomotive system troubles)

(5)Dao Yin Bao Jian Gong (exercise for health preservation)

(6)Yang Sheng Tai Chi Zhang (tai chi palm ) set one

(7)Yang Sheng Tai Chi Jian (tai chi short sword)

(8)Yang Sheng Tai Chi Shan (tai chi fan) single

(9)Yang Sheng Tai Chi Datai chi sword

6.       Competition(1) Competition consists of individual and group events.

(2) Group events: Each group should include at least four persons.

                No more than two items can be chosen by one group.

                No age limit.

                No gender boundary.

(3) Individual events: No more than three events can be chosen by one participant.

 Individual participants will be divided into Group A and B. The participants over 60 (including 60) years old will enter the Group A. The participants under59 (including59) will enter the Group B.(4) Qualification: Participants should be under 75 (including 75) years old with healthy condition7.         Awards

Based on the scores given by referees, the top 30% participants will be awarded the top prize, the next 40% participants will get Prize-Winning and the last 30% participants will get Prize-Excellent. Certificates will be issued by the organization committee.

8   Application(1) 
{xtypo_quote} The deadline of application is30th, October, 2008 {/xtypo_quote} 
{xtypo_sticky}Schedule {/xtypo_sticky}
             9º International DYYSG - November 2008
Day 27 – Teams Arrived
Check in all day
Day 28 – Competition
                started at 10h  a.m.
Day 29 – Competition and  2º Symposium - work shops
From 10 h to 18h 
Dinner party 20h
Day 30 -  Symposium work shops
10h to 18 h
Day 01 Dez – Teams Departures Tours and visited to city will be planning for 28/29/30 and we can arrange under your requested.

                 {xtypo_sticky} details will be send to all soon {/xtypo_sticky}

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