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moon door BSU-Beijing Sport University was founded in 1953. It is located near the famous ancient Summer Palace (Yuan Ming Yuan), northwest of Beijing. The University covers an area of 70 hectares. It recruited students all over China and the world. It has a current students population of approximately 5000.

The University is one of the major education establishments in China. Its aim is to train highly qualified education teachers, coaches, sport science researchers and other physical education personnel. Students and other physical education personnel enjoy the services given by their respective departments. They include the department of Human Kinesiology and Science, Sports Administration, Wushu, Sports Training, Physical Education, Science Research, Correspondence, Section and the Graduate Studies. The University has its own publishing house. The facilities for training, teaching and science research are abundantly equipped including a sports information center, scientific research and audio-visual education center. Besides there are 15 indoor training halls and 68 out door courts and fields.

There are 24 teaching and research sections in the university. There are 144 lecturers, around 200 professors and associate professors in the university. The faculties are qualified and experienced with academic level. The university has been authorized to award the Master's Degree on most of the subjects and Doctor's Degree on some subjects. Science its establishment, the university has turned out more than 20000 physical education personnel, many of which have become the backbone of sports of China. Quite a few of them have set national and Asian including world records.

The university attaches great importance to international academic exchange programs. At present it has an exchange program with 14 universities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia, Korea, Bulgaria, and Poland. Over 500 long term foreign students have successfully graduated from this university not including 2000 more who come here for academic exchanges for short term advanced studies every year.

The campus of our University is quiet, clean and beautiful. There is 1 dormitory building for foreign students to live. There are altogether 145 ordinary rooms and 3 standard rooms. There is a TV set, an air condition, a telephone, a desk and bedding, bathroom in each room. There is a public kitchen and a laundry in each floor.